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BASIC / INTERMEDIATE EXCEL – MICROSOFT OFFICE 2003/ 2007 / 2010 /2013 / 2016 Training Course Outlines: Starting the Excel program  What is the Active Cell?  The Excel cell referencing system  Entering numbers and text  Default text and number alignment  Entering a date  Worksheets and Workbooks  Saving a workbook  Closing a workbook  Creating a new workbook  Opening a workbook  Switching between workbooks  Saving a workbook using another name  Saving a workbook using a different file type SELECTION TECHNIQUES MANIPULATING ROWS AND COLUMNS MANIPULATING CELLS AND CELL CONTENT WORKSHEETS FONT FORMATTING ALIGNMENT FORMATTING NUMBER FORMATTING FREEZING ROW AND COLUMN TITLES FORMULAS  Creating formulas  The easy way to create formulas  Copying formulas  Operators  Using operators in formulas  Relative cell referencing  Absolute cell referencing FUNCTIONS  What is a function?  Sum function  Average function  Max function  Min function  Count function  The COUNTA function  The COUNTBLANK function  The Round function  Using the IF function ADVANCED EXCEL – MICROSOFT OFFICE 2003/ 2007 / 2010 / 2013 / 2016 FOR OFFICE PURPOSE • USE OF OPERATORS • ADVANCED FORMULAS • UNDERSTANDING OF RELATIVE REFERENCE, ABSOLUTE REFERENCE & MIXED REFERENCE. • USE OF IF STATEMENT, MULTIPLE IF STATEMENT • FILTER & ADVANCED AUTOFILTER – ( USED TO GENERATE REPORTS) • CONDITIONAL FORMATTING, HYPERLINK • USE OF VALIDATIONS • HOW TO CREATE AND USE OF MACRO IN WORKBOOK • CHART / 3D CHART / USE OF PIE CHART & SMARTART • SUMIF, SUMIFS, COUNTIF , COUNTIFS , AVERAGEIF & AVERAGEIFS • USE OF CONSOLIDATE & SUBTOTALS • PIVOT TABLE WITH CHART REPORT FEATURES – (USED TO GENERATE REPORTS) • VLOOKUP WITH ISERROR / ISNA FUNCTIONS – (USED TO GENERATE REPORTS) • SORTING & MULTIPLE SORTING . DATA ANALYSIS THROUGH GOAL SEEK & DATA TABLE FEATURES • LINKING OF WORKSHEET / WORKBOOK • IMPORT / EXPORT OF DATA • HOW TO PROTECT FILE, WORKSHEET & WORKBOOK • USE OF TEMPLATE • USE OF OTHER APPLICATIONS IN THE WORKBOOK • HOW TO CUSTOMIZE THE APPLICATIONS • PRINTING SETUP • MANY MORE …… with Assignments & Important Notes FLEXIBLE FOR HOME TUITION! ONE TO ONE OR GROUP STUDENTS! REASONABLE FEES! HOURLY CLASSES! PLEASE CONTACT ON : 0567816530

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